DEMCAMER – Design and Manufacturing of Catalytic Membrane Reactors

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DEMCAMER - Design and Manufacturing of Catalytic Membrane Reactors


The aim of DEMCAMER is to develop innovative multifunctional Catalytic Membrane Reactors (CMR) based on new nano-architectured catalysts and selective membranes materials to improve their performance, durability, cost effectiveness and sustainability (lower environmental impact and use of new raw materials) over four selected chemical processes (Autothermal Reforming (ATR), Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS), Water Gas Shift (WGS), and Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)) for pure hydrogen, liquid hydrocarbons and ethylene production.

The scientific and technical objectives to achieve this general objective are the following

  • To develop new membrane materials with improved separation properties, long durability, and with reduced cost.
  • To develop new nano-architectured catalysts with better performance and at reduced cost.
  • To understand the fundamental physicochemical mechanisms and the relationship between structure/property/performance and manufacturing process in membranes and catalysts, in order to achieve radical improvements in membrane reactors.
  • To design, model and build up novel more efficient (e.g. reducing the number of steps) membrane reactor configurations based on the new membranes and catalysts.
  • To validate the new membrane reactor configurations, at semi-industrial prototype level, in four selected chemical process (Autothermal Reforming (ATR), Fischer-Tropsch (FTS), Water Gas Shift (WGS), and Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)) for pure hydrogen, liquid hydrocarbons and ethylene production.
  • To improve the cost efficiency of membrane reactors by increasing their performance, decreasing the raw materials consumption and the associated energy losses.
  • To enable the use of new raw materials (i.e.; convert non-reactive raw materials)
  • To assess the health, safety and environmental impact of the four CRM developed processes, a complete LCA of the developed technologies will be performed

The DEMCAMER project structure is broken down following the focus on material development for novel catalysts and membranes. Furthermore, materials development will be implemented in CMR for proof of concept and validation. The work structure is detailed in the following figure: