DEMCAMER – Design and Manufacturing of Catalytic Membrane Reactors

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DEMCAMER - Design and Manufacturing of Catalytic Membrane Reactors



20-23 January, 2013

WRC2,2nd Water Research Conference
Singapore (Singapore)


22-24 January, 2013

3W – 2013, International Exhibition on Water, Wastewater and Waste Treatment
Bangkok (Thailand)


12-14 March, 2013

OSN2013, 4th International Conference on Organic Solvent Nanofiltration
Aachen (Germany)


7-10 April 2013

ICDMT-1, 1st International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology
Sitges (Spain)


21-23 April 2013

ECCE9, 9th European Congress of Chemical Engineering
The Hague (The Netherlands)


12-15 May, 2013

PV-VP-MD Confer , International Scientific Conference on Pervaporation, Vapor Permeation and Membrane Distillation
Torun (Poland)


21-24 May, 2013

ISGC-2, 2nd International Symposium on Green Chemistry Renewable carbon and Eco-Efficient Processes
La Rochelle (France)


2-5 June, 2013

ICheaP11- 11th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering
Milan (Italy)


5-6 June, 2013

MCW, Membrane Course for Water Technologies
Aachen (Germany)


8-12 June, 2013

NAMS, 23rd NAMS Meeting
Noise (ID) (U.S.A.)


7 – 11 July, 2013

ICCMR11, 11th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors
Porto (Portugal)


22-26 July, 2013 XXX EMS Summers,XXX EMS Summerschool 2013
Essen (Germany)


18-23 August, 2013

WCCE-9, World Congress of Chemical Engineering
Seoul (republic of Korea)


15-19 September, 2013

Serock (Poland)


1-6 September, 2013

XIth European Congress on Catalysis
“20 years of European Catalysis…and beyond”
Lyon (France)


25-27 September, 2013

4th International Conference on STRUCTURED CATALYSTS AND REACTORS, Beijing (China)


25-28 September, 2013

5th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention
Shanghai (China)


22-24 October, 2013

Wiesbaden (Germany)


3 – 8 November

2013 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting, Fuel Processing for Hydrogen Production San Francisco, California(USA)


23 – 29 November, 2013

IMSTEC 2013, International Membrane Science and Technology Conference
Melbourne (Australia)